Top Rate Doctors

Top Rate Doctors

These doctors are “Top Rate”. They were selected for inclusion into this web site by their peers for their lifetime achievements, unique credentials, and for their ability to communicate to patients through online media.

Information about these Top Rate Doctors is revealed in the links below. Many have a biography and clinic forms featured on this website, in addition to their contact information.

Arizona (AZ)

Missouri (MO)

Paradise Valley – Dr. Shacket, DO, MD (H) St. Charles – Dr. Steven Abbadessa
Phoenix – Dr. Rick Shacket St. Louis – Dr. Steven Abbadessa
Scottsdale – Rick A. Shacket, DO, MD (H)

California (CA)

New York (NY)

San Diego – Dr. Ronald Gertsch Lake Placid – Dr. Adam Abodeely
San Diego – Dr. Michael Khalil Plattsburgh – Dr. Adam Abodeely
San Diego – Dr. Eufrocino Martinez Saranac Lake – Dr. Adam Abodeely

Maine (ME)

Oregon (OR)

Waterville / Augusta – Dr. Jerald E. Hurdle Portland – Dr. Joe Frankhouse
Lewiston / Bangor – Dr. Jerald E. Hurdle
Portland – Dr. Jerald E. Hurdle

Michigan (MI)

Novi – Dr. Jaffke-Whitney